Irrigation Installation & Repairs | Tampa, Florida

Supplying your lawn with a regular water source is vital to keeping it green and healthy. At Green Thumb Nursery in Tampa, Florida, our garden center experts offer professional irrigation installations and repairs.

Smart Irrigation

Putting the correct amount of water on your lawn and landscaping is critical to proper growth. Outdoor water use is restricted for homes in Hillsborough County. Depending on your home address, review the current restrictions by checking the link for either Hillsborough County or the city of Tampa.

Easy Installations

Installation of an irrigation system is the most economical way to conserve water and ensure that your landscape receives the proper amount of water. Call us at (813) 884-3797 for a free estimate on new installations. Although we do not provide estimates on repairs, we can get your irrigation back in working order on an hourly/plus parts basis.

New Systems

Our irrigation plans are designed to provide you with 100% coverage and 130% overlapping coverage in your lawn and garden. This overlapping coverage ensures that there will be no dry spots and your entire landscape will flourish. Our crew uses the latest tools to minimize disruption to your existing lawn or flowerbeds.

Cost-Effective Repairs

Whether it's one head that's broken or an entire system that just won't come on, we are experienced in restoring your system to full working order. Sprinklers that are getting your house or sidewalk too wet are an easy to fix. It may even be possible to add just one more head to cover that "hot spot" where your grass is always drying out. Call us at (813) 884-3797 so we can schedule you for a professional repair.
Call us today at (813) 884-3797 to learn about the irrigation repairs or installations you require!